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Who is hempfunding for?


which want to raise capital for the development of the venture and can do it by issuing and selling security tokens.


who want to invest in promising hemp companies and profit from their development.

Upcoming projects

Hemp plantation

Total raise: $ 1M

Producer of CBD oil

Total raise: $ 600,00

Producer of edibles

Total raise: $ 700,00

How to invest with Hempfunding?

Only three steps are needed for you to become a Security Token holder of promising hemp companies.

Purchase $HCX

$HCX is Hempfunding’s token that enables its holders to participate in STO

Stake your $HCX

Add your $HCX to one of our staking pools - earn

passive income and get access to Hempfunding

Complete KYC

Verify yourself for legal purposes

That’s all!
Now you’re ready to participate in the purchase of promising hemp companies tokens.

Why it is worth to invest on Hempfunding?

Access to Hemp companies

As an investment platform, we are constantly looking for new projects in which our community can invest.

Verification of companies

We provide research of the project and its profitability, so that investors can achieve satisfactory rates of return.

Best prices for $HCX holders

Buy $HCX tokens and get access to investing at the lowest entry price.

Stake and farm for passive income

By staking or farming $HCX, you multiply the number of your tokens and get passive income

You run a promising hemp business and need financial support for expansion?

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HEMPFUNDING is a unique global platform based on blockchain technology where fundraising is carried out to finance various projects related to the hemp sector

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